Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ThOUGhTS | You are Beautiful!

I get intimidated with a table full of liquid foundations, primers, contour powder creams, the whole shebang.

It's because all my life, I've been battling with skin problems. I constantly have break-outs. That's why I am very careful with the products I put on my face. I admire girls who create magic using cosmetics! Been always wanting to learn how to apply glittery eye-shadows, falsies and stuff. But unfortunately, make-up makes my skin look oily and splotchy no matter how expensive the product is. I have to settle with the basic, oil free and water based brands. Ironically, despite my "need" to cover the blemishes on my face, I walk the streets with just sunscreen, fresh powder and lip gloss on.

Confidence is key!
To share a bit of myself with you all, I was only in the 3rd grade when the breakouts started and hasn't stopped ever since. With society's standard of "beauty", I got extremely conscious of my uneven skin tone, my acne marks, scars, dark circles under my eyes, the bumps on my face etc, etc. It extremely affected the way I see myself, even believed I was "ugly". Of course growing up, I learned to eventually accept and love myself. That everyone, including me, is beautiful... that no amount of make-up can cover what radiates in one's heart. I am going to quote one of my favorite bloggers, Katty Santos. This is her take on make-up and beauty: 

"...makeup is also art, but that kind of art is far apart from the “art” of teenagers and/or some YouTubers trying to steal the spirit of real beauty."
KS Lifestyle and Taste

Yes! What she stated is utterly true. The MOST vital thing is how we look at ourselves under all that cosmetic. Don't get me wrong, I wear make-up... I use face powders, lip gloss, cheek stain and the like. Let's not forget that make-up just ENHANCES the beauty that you already have. I hope that we won't use too much and allow it to totally transform our already beautiful spirits.

Here are my almost bare to bare face in celebration of the beautiful you!

Because I am one of the boys
Fastfood, I know. It's my cheat day!
Ramen with my bestie. No make up
Hanging out with my girl. 
Products used: Powder, lip gloss
Filtered by natural lighting! Thanks, sunshine.
Products used: BB cream, powder, lip gloss
Barely there make-up
Products: Powder, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss
Hope you all are enjoying your week! Thank you for all your love. Till the next, sweeties! Let me know your thoughts. Leave your messages below. xoxo.

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  1. Cute pictures! xx


    1. Thanks so much, Karen. Loving your blog photos as well! Hope we can follow each other <3 xo

      Instagram: sugaryfancies
      Bloglovin': sugaryfancies

  2. You're such a pretty girl! I too have struggled with break outs (even now as an adult). I found that using different face washes every other month has helped. I even do that with my hair products :)

    Stay Styled,


    Instagram: stay_styled
    Blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

    1. Hi, Lindsey.

      Awwhh.. coming from someone who's gorgeous, I appreciate it a lot <3 Thanks for the tips! I kinda don't even know which one is really good for me except proactiv. It's a shame it's VERY expensive here. xo


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    1. Hi, Keri.

      Thank you for dropping by. xo


  4. Cute cute cute,I love you with or without make up dear.Keep up the nice posts.

    1. Awwhh... much love, Ruth! <3 Many thanks.

  5. WOW! Just WOW! This post felt so personal and interesting. Thank you for having me in your mind when writing this post. It really makes my whole week and feels great to know that we share the same view about a topic. I really would like to have you on my blog. You know doing a collaboration. Think about it and just write to my email alexasantos06@gmail.com if you like the idea.

    Love, KS

  6. Hi, Katty <3

    I would so love to!


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