Hello, everyone! My name is Sugar, which is my real name by the way. When I was a kid, I was very vocal of my dream of becoming an artist and owning one of most successful art studios in Manila. It’s no wonder a lot were surprised when I took up and finished AB Political Science. I didn’t pursue law.  But I will take a step further of going to Law School once I’m ready, monetary wise. I work three jobs at the moment. I am a part-time Web Evaluator, part-time Sales Consultant and a full-time Admin and HR Manager.

A few of the things I love are coffee, sunset, writing, painting, cloud formation, star gazing, my family and my boyfie Rob M. My grade on both eyes is 475, having read more than a thousand books in my lifetime. It’s a hobby that I wouldn’t trade anything for the world. With a heart that has always been in-love with the arts, I self-studied playing the guitar when I was in HS, then joined the choir and theater in college. I’ve done a bit of professional acting both on stage and on cam.

My love for clothes is perhaps because I have enclothed cognition. I always say my cramped closet isn’t trivial. It not only holds limitless avenues to heighten performance but also, it's a portal to the best versions of me. 

Sugary Fancies about me



For many years, my friends have been convincing me to put up a life and style blog. 

Life and style blog?? WHOA. Intimidating.

There were tons of negatives on my list so I didn't give much thought about it. Despite secretly dreaming of inspiring a few through my writing, I was too scared to make it happen. In my head, I am not close to popular, who would listen to my voice and read what I have to say on about anything?

Now, why am I courageous to finally start on this project? Because I realized I am just like many of you. I am but an ordinary soul still searching for her place in this vast world. Friends, strangers, strangers turned friends also supported me a lot it pushed me to eventually kick off. It's amazing how people believe in you so much even if you have less for yourself. 

Well, HERE IT IS! Sugary Fancies. After more than a day of brainstorming, I at last decided to go with this name for my blog (the story behind this will be saved for later so stay tuned). 

What're the delightful subjects everyone should look forward to? 

Style - with a bit of life, music and much more!

I know some of you will say, "Another fashion blog? What will make this page different?" 

All articles will be weaved hands-on with love. Yes. I will share and help you come up with simple and thrifty fashion solutions. Clothes don't need to be expensive to look classy or chic. In fact, being comfortable in your own skin also exudes beauty and confidence! This is something I have to recognize myself. Let's find and unleash your inner beauty! Prepare to get personal *wink*.

I am ecstatic to be with you all in this fashionable and soulful journey!

Sugary fancies Polka dot dress

Outfit details:

Denim jacket - Forever21 (on sale at PHP 450.00)
Polka dot dress - Forever21 (on sale at PHP 650.00)
Black purse - Forever21 (on sale at PHP 500.00)
Loafers - Landmark (thrifted - PHP 350.00)


Hey! I would love to hear from you. What are the things you would like me to write about? Let's connect! Please leave your comments below!

Thank you my beautiful friends!!

Just me,


  1. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS, SUGAR!!!! <333333

    1. Hi, Elaine!!

      Thank you so much! <3 Miss you!

  2. Wow, you have read more than a thousand books in your lifetime! Impressive. I wish i had that as a hobby,unfortunately i thoroughly get bored when i commit to reading. Shame. Awesome blog Sugar.:)

    1. :-) Appreciate it tons, Emma! I also get bored sometimes I don't get to finish some of the books I just bought. LOL. Many thanks for dropping by. xoxo

  3. Love your blog! 😍
    Regards to Honeylet. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm happy you dropped by :)


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