Friday, January 23, 2015

OUTFiT | Orange and Blue Hues

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? Hope your days are as lovely as mine. I've been enjoying the long holiday this past week. Enjoying activities like:
  1. cleaning my crib
  2. reading books
  3. dancing in front of the mirror
  4. singing at the top of my lungs
  5. sleeping late
  6. movie marathon-ing
  7. talking to my boyfriend (whom I so love dearly even if he's miles away) in Viber for hours
  8. and... okay, talking to him some more!!!**wink** 
Yes, you got it. I am a home buddy. I would be happy to just stay at home, read books and be utterly lazy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

OUTFiT | Taken 3 and My Rebecca Bloomwood Moment

Faux leather varsity jacket and Taken 3.

Isn't that the right combination? Well... okay. I know badass would mean an authentic black leather jacket. But this would suffice.

I've been unsuccessfully hunting for the perfect varsity jacket for months. Hand it to the fashion gods, I accidentally found this quietly hanging on one of the many racks in Forever 21.  So forgive me, I Rebecca Bloomwood-ed as soon as I laid my eyes upon this baby. Purchased it (plus a few more) for PHP 2,045 ($45.81). But hey! Atleast the "world was better" after the lady behind the counter handed my shopping bags.

Plus, I have a date with Bryan Mills. Hahaha.

Friday, January 16, 2015

ThOUGhTS | No1 Cares

Yes.  No1 Cares.  We are all invisible.  As much as we want to believe that people notice, most of the times, they don't.  Let's face it though, we all have that inner yearning to be noticed, to stand-out among the rest, and most especially, just to express ourselves.