Monday, March 02, 2015

STORY | I'm Another Year Wiser

March 1. My birthday!

Having balloons and celebrating it with friends and family was quite a blast. I never really get to have a birthday party growing up. So, the thought of being able to host your own celebration got me pretty excited. Yeah, I get giddy over little things. 

It's time to bring out the big balloons

Colorful. That's how a lot of people describe my personality. True enough, I love colors! So, it isn't a surprise that I pulled out a colorful dress from forever21 to dress for the occasion. 

Smiling at the world!
I sort of color coordinate with this door. LOL.

After a heartfelt prayer lead by our resident minister, I couldn't wipe off the smile on my face when they all sang at the top of their lungs "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!" My aunt cooked my favorite afternoon snack --- Sopas (Filipino Macaroni Soup), paired with fried chicken and fish. And I get make a wish blow out a single candle on my blueberry cheesecake!! (Last time I remembered doing that was when I was in grade school!) Guess there's a kid in all of us, huh?

Friends and relatives!
The gathering was simple but so much fun! I also wasn't expecting a surprise dinner prepared by my two besties, Paolo and Lincoln. We went to this awesome Korean restaurant, Gang Nam Style in Makati. They bought me more balloons, cake and a box of donuts. Whoa! Talk about food coma!

The three stooges ;-D
Hoarding the appetizers. LOL.
I want mine crunchy, please!

My tank was so full that I craved for tea to detox. Haha. This was one unforgettable birthday. I am truly blessed to love and be loved. I cannot wait to face the challenging days ahead. Thanks to all the special people in my life who support me no matter what and encourage me to stay strong. I love you all!


Outfit details:

Dress - Forever21
Sunnies - Mango
Watch - Tissot
Accessories - thrifted


Hope you all enjoy my blog the same way I enjoy sharing my day with you all!

Till my next!

Just me,

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  1. Hi, you look amazing!

    Lets follow eachother on GFC. let me know if it is yes. Leave a comment about following and then I will come back immediately and follow you.

    1. Hi, Bety!

      Thank you. Sure! Just followed you ;)

  2. You look amazing! The food looks really yummy,Happy belated birthday and May you celebrate many more years.Hugs and kisses.

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth! Yes, the food was so yummy that I'll be full till the next century. LOL.



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