Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SToRY | Back to School

I was invited by my friend -- who's a professor at New Era University -- to conduct mock job interviews in 2 of his classes. He is teaching several major subjects for the College of Business Administration. Having graduated from this university myself (AB Political Science), I was delighted and honored to give back and share my years of expertise in Talent Acquisition.

Stepping into the halls of NEU, seeing long time acquaintances, whipping pass former classrooms and visiting the cafeteria made my insides smile. This is definitely one of the places I call home.

My outfit today perfectly reflects this experience. Bright, celebratory, jubilant and thankful. Choosing a colorful, smart casual look is also deliberate. I want to make an impression of --- "Hello, I am approachable. Don't be shy to answer my questions." --- to the students I am going to speak with. Almost every piece here is thrifted! 

Blazer, dress and shoes: Less than $26.00! Hooraahh!
Who doesn't love being girly?
My comfy inch shoesies!
That awkward stance. LOL.
Ready to face my audience!
Outfit details:

Blazer - Bazaar (PHP 150.00)
Dress - Landmark, Trinoma (PHP 350.00)
Heels - SM Department Store (PHP 499.00)
Curve Bag - Celine (PHP 2,699.00)
Mettle Hammer Watch - Nike (borrowed from my bestfriend)


In terms of impression, I am uncertain if it's foolproof, for some of the students were a bit nervous during the activity. But over-all, they performed satisfactory and a few even exceptional given the fact that this is their "first" job interview. 

You can say that this is my "work face" 
Sophomore Class of 2015 - Meet our future Corporate Directors and Entrepreneurs
The beautiful New Era University
(Notice the Astronomy Tower?)
Photo ©: Mr. Paolo Lapid

I had fun doing this exercise. I just hope that I was able to leave these students something that will better equip them once they face the real world. 

Thanks for dropping by everyone! Hope you all enjoy this journey with me. Till my next blog! xoxo.

Just me,

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  1. That outfit is so gorgeous doll, keep up the good work.

    1. You're so sweet, Ruth! Thanks so much <3 I miss your posts!!


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