Saturday, February 21, 2015

OUTFIT | The Bright Feline

It's officially the weekend! Can I get a yahoo? While most of us are anticipating late night outs and dusk till dawn parties, I am looking forward to sleeping in. My days off would include a good book, hot chocolate/coffee and a comfy couch. That's my definition of "party".

I am always excited smelling the weekend morning dew drops and going to Church. My worship days are Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday. Right after my day's activity? I go straight to Church and fulfill my sacred duty. My IG followers already know that faith is my number one priority ---- one of the 20 facts about me. I believe that nothing beats a perfect day than hearing the words of God, thanking Him for His continuous blessings. So I try to look my best for Him.

Today, I pulled out an animal print dress and paired it with a bright yellow blazer. To add that classy touch, I accessorized the ensemble with a gold chained necklace.

I am walking on sunshine!
“High heels were invented by a woman who had once been kissed on the forehead.” 
― Rita Mae Brown
Ready to go


Animal print dress - Forever 21 (Php 549.99)
Blazer - Chattel Clothing - online store (Php 850.00)
Necklace - Forever 21 (Php 699.99)
Clutch - Suiteblanco - (Php 2,500.00)
Sunnies - Mango (Php 5,850.00)
Shoes - Forever 21 (Php 999.00)


Sugary Fancies tip:

A blazer will make any get-up edgy and classy. But before investing in one, make sure you get the perfect fit because it fits you perfectly (redundant, right? I'm sure you get my point).

I'm a blazer lover
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  1. Replies
    1. It's one of my faves that I am starting to wear it out. LOL. Thanks, Helena!

      Much love,

  2. I love the animal print dress! I would never have thought to wear it with a yellow blazer and now I will try this too as it rocks!

  3. Cute outfit you look amazing I love the animal print dress paired with that blazer... totally winning.

    1. :-) Thanks, Ruth! Excited to see your next blog post! xoxo

  4. It's an awesome outfit. I'll try this style in summer. Thanks 👠👚👜👜

    1. Awwhhhh... That's so sweet, Ira! 😘😘😘 Thanks, luv! I'll see you soon!


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