Friday, April 08, 2016

OUTFiT | This Glittered Pullover is my New Fave

While everybody is blogging about spring outfits, I will talk about this oh-so-cute glittered pullover gifted for my birthday, from my younger sister!

Sugary Fancies Glittered Pullover Sugary Fancies Glittered Pullover

March 1 is my day! No balloons, cakes and all that jazz though. The celebration was a hefty brunch with the family at our favorite Chinese restaurant, then, concluded the day with a movie. I burned holes on both my pockets, haha! But spending time with them was worth it and blissful! Good ol' quality time with my fam bam --- is the only thing that I have wished and prayed for this year. Granted!

A few more things granted is receiving this breezy glittered pullover from my sissy! It became my favorite that I wore it on two different occasions that week!! This pullover is surprisingly light that it is perfect even for always-summer weather. My sister never fails to know what I really love.

Sugary Fancies Glittered Pullover Sugary Fancies Glittered Pullover

Outfit details:

Glittered Pullover - Gifted
Denim shorts and purse - Forever 21
Sneakers - thrifted


I would so like to dress according to season. But I obviously don't get to experience winter, spring and fall. I will flying off to a cold country soon. So I would love to hear tips from you all from to-go clothing to packing light! On that note, this pullover will be in my luggage for sure. LOL. 

Till my next lovies! xoxo.

Much love,

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  1. I totally love your pullover doll.Great look.Don't get so quiet,I miss your Vibes.

    1. Hi, Ruth!!! Thanks so much :) Been so busy lately that I already want to quit. But it's people like you who keep me inspired to keep this up. Many thanks, luv! xoxo


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