Tuesday, April 21, 2015

OUTFiT | Daises on Red

Oh, my! First of, I would like to apologize to all my readers. Apologies for it took me a while to blog for April. I was quite loaded with A LOT. Like A LOT. But I am working things out to keep myself back on track. So, I hope everything will work out well.

Dress. Heels. Two Wheels.
I am bruised. Yes. And I have no way to conceal them. I will say what my cousin, Reiner, instructed me to say while he was behind my camera phone, "Please pardon my bruise." Haha. We stumble, we fall, we bleed, we bruise. But we will also heal... through time. After a while, the marks will slowly fade and it will be nothing but a reminder of how you've risen after the fall, no matter how painful or embarrassing.

I hope though that this dress is bright enough to divert one's eyes from the unattractive! I fell in-love with the print of this number. One of my favorite flowers is daisies, actually, while red is my love.  Can anyone guess what my ultimate fave is?
Candid and bruised.
Smiling! Ces't la vie!
Continue to walk. Continue life.
Up close.

Outfit details:

Retro daisy dress - Forever 21 (PHP 1,289.12)
Envelope purse - Apostrophe' (PHP 499.00)
Accessories - Landamark, Trinoma (PHP 145.00)
Heels - Janylin Shoes (PHP 999.00)


Thank you all so much for once again dropping by. I appreciate every comment and suggestion. Much, much love!

Just me,
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