Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ThOUGhTS | Embracing Your Perfect Imperfections.

Hi, everyone! 

Before you scroll down or click - Read More, let me say you'll be viewing dark (un-enhanced) photos. These were taken indoors with not much natural lighting. But I decided to post them despite the not-so-good-quality and despite the style blog rule:

"You can get away with bad content. But not with bad pictures."

Dark and dingy

I play with exposure, contrast, sharpness and the like to achieve what they call "blog worthy" shots. Perhaps, if I have a professional camera, I wouldn't need to do all these and tamper with the original. Hope you won't get me wrong. I don't do anything drastic to change the "look" of my photos. Let's just say I was caught up with the idea of perfection. Not to mention this blog rule set by I really don't know who. But honestly, what is perfect anyway? If we continue to live by the standards of other people, we will lose our identity (plus it's tiring)! I say we start embracing our perfect imperfections! It make us who we are!!

Captured moment of the real me --- Dorky. 
Looks like I have an uneven skin tone. LOL.
Smiling despite such! :)
Outfit details:

Chiffon dress - Penshoppe (PHP 999.00)
Embellished cardi - Wanko HK (PHP 500.00)
Shoulder bag - Liz Claiborne (PHP 4,500)
Accessories - Landmark, TriNoma (PHP 175.00)
Shoesies - Janylin Shoes (PHP 1,499.00)

Hope you all are starting your week right. Don't forget: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Accepting that isn't as difficult as you thought *wink*

As always, thank you for dropping by! And I hope to see you again till my next! xoxo!

Just me,

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  1. Nice outfit dear,I like the way you covered the whole perfect and not perfect issue... still working on getting "blog worthy" shots someday....but for now my phone photography will do..Lol .Enjoy your week .

  2. Hi, Ruth! ��

    Thanks for your love as always! Your shots are beautiful though no matter what camera you use! ❤️❤️❤️ I'll stop tweaking with brightness and mid-tones and post photos just as it is... 😊 xoxo!


  3. elegant look! love the white dress! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. Hi, Izzy!! <3

      Thanks so much. Enjoying your page a lot!


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