Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OUTFiT | Midweek Dress-down

I am quite lucky to be working in an industry where dress down is allowed on certain days. As a Talent Acquisition Supervisor, there's an unwritten rule that I must be "presentable" at all times, meaning, corporate or smart casual clothing is required. I don't complain, for dressing appropriately is a way of expressing respect to people or the given situation. But having worn high heels, blazers and pearls almost the entirety of my career, it's an amazing feeling to put my sneakers on at work on a weekday. 

Me: Is it right over left? Or left over right? (Tryna sit like a lady)

I noticed that yellow is always present in my wardrobe lately, which is totally unplanned, btw. LOL. I am also a bit baffled as to why this shade is included in my outfits. Guess I am trying to let the sunshine in my everyday-s! 

Shirt, knitted skirt and sneakers today! I grabbed a sequinned-bowed handbag to complete the look with a bit of statement. Don't usually wear my glasses, because the thick lenses confirm the nerd that I am. But my contacts are making my eyes dry so, hiatus is necessary. This is my kind of look for a weekend with my bestfriends, only, it's work week. 

I still squint even with my glasses on. Sheessh...
Monalisa smile*wink*
Sneakers! A must have!
What this shirt says isn't helping, at all!!! LOL.
I would caption this "The creepy hallway", but "Captured like this --- ALWAYS" is more fitting.
Outfit Details:

Everything from - Penshoppe
Shirt - PHP 399.00
Knitted skirt - PHP 599.00
Lace-up sneakers - PHP 549.00 
Accessories - Landmark 
Arm Candy - PHP 116.00, Ring set - PHP 170.00
Purse - Nine West (PHP PHP 1,793.18)


Penshoppe, btw, is a local retail store. It's my first to shop there and I fell inlove with the brand. It is "known for its fresh take on casual wear. It delivers apparel that’s stylish yet affordable." I am glad I entered one of their shops! I finally found a local store that is at par with my simple fashion sense.

Care to share your work clothes? I would love to check them out. As always, I am grateful for your comments and suggestions! Much love, everyone! Till the next. xoxo.

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  1. So cute !

  2. Well, you still look great in "casual" clothes. I realize Filipinos think of casual clothes differently. Still, you look very put together :) much love

    1. True that! LOL. Tee/shorts/sneakers and the like are defined as 'casual' here ;-)

      Thanks, darl! xo!

  3. You look gorgeous in this outfit.Loving your sneakers I'm getting a pair soonest . Perfect details too.Keep up sugar.

    1. Awwwhhh... thanks, Ruth! Sneakers and loafers are my fave lately. Haha. Will look forward to your "sneakers on" blog <3 xo!

  4. Hey sweetie! I loved your outfit and really... you look good with or without glasses. Yellow is so "IN" this season. Thanks for the amazing post

    1. That's so sweet of you, Kathy! I kinda hate my glasses...


  5. Love this look, Sugar! Also love how the photos shows the "happy vibes". :-)

    1. Elaine! I miss you a lot, dear. Hihihi. Thanks so much <3 xo! I'll see you soon, okay?


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