Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SToRY | What an Experience!

I get to be a "model" for less than a day when I joined Forever 21's photo competition for their 30th anniversary.

These photos were taken by my younger sibling, Hershey. She has worked for professional photographers and is into arts herself. With her innate talent and creative ideas, I thought that she is the perfect person to help me take home Forever 21's totally uh-mazing prize!

5 head

Now, I don't own a professional camera. As a blogger, I use just my iPhone. I smile, have fun, pictures taken. Not at all that difficult. But since this is for a photo competition, it's just fitting to make a little effort. 

For this shoot, I realized how challenging it is to "model" and get good images. I strain really hard to remember Tyra Banks' tips on ANTM. But for some reason, they slip pass my head. I just stand there in-front of the camera, clueless of what to do. I was literally directed here to even take these shots. Hmmm... that means I'm not at all qualified to be a model. It is pretty tough! The poses, the angles, etc. Haha. New respect to all real models out there. They make it look easy. Jeeezz.

Loving these suede platforms!
I have no idea modelling is this hard!
I see you...
Outfit details:

All from Forever 21

Nothing more screams happy and bright than yellow, right? To greet Forever 21's 30th, I wore their yellow cardi, garden print dress, matched it with brown suede pumps, then had this for a caption:

"@Forever21 is the ONLY clothing store that can perfectly deck out my moody and eclectic fashion sense, from H2T! I love how #F21's line translate one's inner radiance, confidence and individualism --- no wonder I'm their number 1 fan. Happy 30th, @Forever21! Thanks for continuously creating beautiful things and epitomizing the true meaning of fashion"

Well, yes. This is the best that I can do. LOL. It was indeed an enjoyable experience working with a professional photographer. Though I think it will be my last. Haha. Whew. Pretty intimidating! I'll be going back to my comfortable iPhone with my cousin behind it, snapping away. 

Oh, can anyone guess if I win or not? *wink*

Thanks for dropping by ya'll! Appreciate it. Lots of love!

Just me,

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  1. so nice your dress!!! fantastic outfit!! :)


    1. Hi, luv! Thanks so much. Appreciate it tons <3 xoxo

  2. i never know what to do in front of the camera either, you did really well though! love the dress :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. I didn't know what I was thinking here. Haha. Enjoyed it though. Thanks so much, Danielle! Loving your blog ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Hi dear this is a very cute post.First this outfit is so colorful and it suits you perfectly.Me and you both not having a professional photographer I know.I always beg whoever is available when i feel like taking pictures to do so..may be in the future we will go there.Aha not knowing how to pose and taking 100 or more pictures just to pick 7 or so is turf but always fun and I enjoy myself. Did you win??? Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Awhhh.. thanks, Ruth! Oh, please visit and message me! LOL. Yes! My cousin take my pictures all the time ;-) But you have great photos, though! You actually look like a pro ;-) I'll be so grateful if you can give me tips! Well, about the competition, unfortunately, I didn't win. But it's all good ;-) Hope you're enjoying your weekend too, Ruth! xo!

  4. Hi Sugar :)
    what can I say about this post? just that I L-O-V-E IT. your outfit was on point and all you said about been in front of a camera and have no clue of how to pose or "model" is sooooo true! It happens to me all the time but at the end it gets funny. I used to go to F21 a lot but now they are not selling xsmall size that much and the Small is always not perfect for my body ....#smallgirlproblems
    Do you have the same problem?

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      ;-) I'm a little relieved I am not alone on this one. Haha. Your photos doesn't even look like you're having the "what to do now" moment. LOL. Yes! I also have the same issue with Forever21! Their small size is a little big for as well! But I love their clothes so much I try to make them work. Haha. Like this one I have on. I have to literally sew the straps so it would look like they fit! *wink* xoxo!


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