Sunday, October 25, 2015

OUFiT | Sneakers, Shirt and Skater Skirt

I know by now you all are aware of my love for sneakers! They're super comfy, stylish and fun. It goes with any wardrobe! And when I say any wardrobe, I literally mean, ANY. A friend of mine wore a pair of bright pink converse when she walked down the aisle! YES! She exudes such confidence she was able to carry the unconventional pretty well!

I am not planning to wear sneakers on my wedding day, though. Overusing them on usual errands is enough for me. LOL. Today, I pulled a shirt and skater skirt I bought from Penshoppe. The light blue sneakers is from Penshoppe as well. I didn't mean to wear this brand, head to toe. But pairing this label with it's own is effortless. 

I have got a lot of casuals in my closet. I haven't worn them much because I wear uniform at work. Miss those days when I have to plan out my outfit the next day and say "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" Hahaha. 

Thanks again everyone for always supporting my weirdness! What do you all think of my look for today? Leave your comments below. I love reading them! Till my next loves! xoxo

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  1. wow how brave of your friend! the sneakers look so cute with your outfit by the way! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. LOL. Yes, she is awesome! Thanks so much, Izzy. xoxo



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