Friday, April 24, 2015

OUTFiT | A Bit of Color Block

As you all already know, I am charmed with anything bright! Statement pieces and bold colors create a simple yet stylish look. It is always fun to wear multiple solid colors!  Well, alright. In this look, I started off with just 2 bright hues. The third shade I chose is neutral.

Lady bug

I will be honest though. Putting this together was a bit of accidental. I call it "accidental success", simply because the pieces are comfortable and I ended up liking it. *wink* This salmony orange cardi is light for summer. And it was a good idea to put it on since the villa I stayed in was freezing cold! I wore a dark blue denim skirt to have that casual yet girly vibe (aside from the fact that I love skirts). 

The "infamous" haircut. Seriously? LMAO.
Another day filled with fun, laughter and heartfelt friendship. 
On our way home. Depth perception.
Outfit details:

Cardi - Forever 21
Tank top - Wanko, HK
Skirt - Penshoppe
Sneakers - Landmark, Trinoma


I don't exactly follow fashion rules in terms of color blocking. I mix any bold colors that catch my eyes and bravely go outside the world. But I keep the accessories to a subtlety or I don't wear anything at all. Hope you can also share with me your color blocking looks! I would love to see them. 

Thank you all so much for dropping by. Don't forget to let me know what you think! Love you all.

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  1. Not really sure there are rules to color blocking:) you can wear anything and it'll be cute. Anyway I love this look :)

    1. I've read in cosmo that you should only wear this color with that color. LOL. Thanks so much, Mary Ann! :-)


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